Through the stomach: Funny flies are more sexy

In addition, insects produce resistance to pesticides, which requires their use in even larger quantities or developing new chemicals, probably possessing new unforeseen effects.

One of the methods capable of replacing pesticides – the creation of fruitless insects. Females that matered with sterile males can not postpone the eggs, and the population number falls. This technique is currently used to combat multiple insect species. The last achievement of scientists can make this technology more efficient, as sterile males will now become more attractive for females.

More sexy, but at the same time sterile males – not such a small thing. Professor of the Agricultural Faculty of Boaz Yulav from the Jewish University in Jerusalem noticed that "the process of breeding millions of males, their sterilization and transportation to the place of production can strongly affect sexual functions of insects".

Through the stomach, the fed flies are more sexy

So what a female insect is looking for in the perfect partner? The team of Jouvala studied the behavior and psychology of fruit flies and mosquitoes and concluded that females prefer males with belly styled proteins and balanced bacterial symbiosis. In the previous study concerning fruit flies and bacteria, it was revealed that radiation radiation used to sterilize males also kills bacteria. Since the flies in the production environment are bred, they do not have the opportunity to restore the internal biocenosis by the same strains of bacteria, which are found in the wild. In addition to a decrease in sexual competitiveness, it increases the risk of infection of sterile flies of pathogenic bacteria, for example, by some species of pseudomonad.

To solve this problem, the team under the guidance of Jewel developed a "Champions breakfast" for sterile flies. Before releaseing into wildlife, insects get food rich in proteins and containing bacteria, created on the basis of wildlife strains. With restored forces and sexual bacterial balance, sterile males will be more adequately competed with wild rivals, successfully involved in reducing fertility.

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