Time killer: pneumatic paper gun do it yourself

Masters of paper weapons are divided into two big camp. Some make accurate copies of really existing pistols, automata, rifles. Their main task is to carefully examine the original according to drawings, photos, descriptions, spread paper sweeps and gently glue them. If you paint the resulting models in black, they will be difficult to distinguish from the original: after all, the purpose of the modelist is to recreate the smallest details of real weapons.

Representatives of the opposite camp make weapons that do not have prototypes in real life. Their models often have a reasonable appearance, but they are capable of shooting. Models tend to repeat as many functions of real weapons – make a valid shutter, multipage store, accurate sight. Their rifles are able to conduct aiming fire, you can play with them, fighting. Paper bullets flying out of the most successful samples may break a newspaper sheet.

Of course, deciding to join the popular hobby, we joined the second camp and set out the goal of building an existing weapon. We learned a lot of instructions on the Internet, watched dozens of videos. This is where disappointment was waiting for us. The overwhelming majority of "acting" paper pistols, automata and even sniper rifles for calibration turned out to be only the brass tubes. The butcher of each gun was hidden a paper mouthpiece in which the arrows had to blow. The exception was a pair of primitive paper crossbow with stationery rubber bands as a taper.

Is it worth saying what the state of affairs did not suit us. We needed a paper gun that will shoot truly, when you click on the trigger. Taking into account that the powder charge is badly combined with such flammable material as paper, we decided to make our weapon pneumatic. When designing, an additional requirement was taken into account: all materials and tools for assembling a gun must be widespread office supplies. To repeat our experience, you will need: several sheets of paper A4 paper 80g / m2 density, scotch, scissors, stationery knife and gum for packing bills.

Without fanaticism

The current models of paper weapons look so strange, because weapons must have structural rigidity. The only hard form of paper – roll. Squares, triangles, honeycombs easily bent from blowing the breeze. But the newspaper roll can be blocked by fly on the fly. Therefore, all the structural elements of a paper pistol are paper pipes.

Time killer pneumatic pistol paper with his own hands

The device and principle of working weapons are clear from the schemes and illustrations. Give only a few tips learned from our own experience. Each item is made from a whole sheet of paper A4. If you do not go to the demonstrations in defense of the virgin forests, do not spare the material: the more paper, the fierce construction and the greater the effort can be attached to the shot. So that the pipe is reliable, skill with a longitudinal seam.

The ends of the piston can be cut out of the paper, but it is easier to seal it with a scotch. Stick to the hole transverse stripes of ribbons at different angles, and then wrap the edge again. The cylinder and the trunk can be connected by cutting the side openings on their surface and align them. This connection is unlikely to be done completely sealed, but it is not necessary to worry about it: the pressure in the cylinder will increase so rapidly that a small leakage of air through the gaps will not have a significant effect on the power of the shot.

Holds we recommend turning at least two sheets of paper and securely securely mounted to the trunk and pneumatic cylinder Scotch. The same applies to connecting the trigger and trigger. The fact is that in the crowned position, the rubber band squeezes the design, creating strong friction between the trigger lever and the cylinder focus. To make a shot, you need to make a significant effort. Most of it will have to handle and trigger.

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