Time Machines: 15 Best Sci-Fi Comics

A sign manga, created by Osama Tedzuki, who became one of the first scientific fiction comics and, in general, practically founded modern anime in the form in which we used to see him. The story of the adventures of the robot of Astro (in the original – atom), which was supposed to replace his inventor of the deceased son, but did not become a man.

Bitch Planet

If the themes of oppression, feminism and compliance with social norms are close to you, then the work of Kelly Sue Deconnik and Valentina de Landro will be interested. Comic tells about women who for one or another are sent to a prison on another planet. The story is not for the faint and, moreover, not for children.


Joint work Jeff Lemir and Dustina Nguyen about the adventures of a boy-robot, which turns out to be in the very center in the intergalactic struggle of various forms of life. The story that is much deeper than just the next battles in space.

East of West

Created by the writer Jonathan Hickman and the artist Nick Dragotta history allows you to take a look at the US anti-nightopia, which turned out to be divided into seven different countries, whose fate depends entirely on the four riders of the Apocalypse.

Fear Agent

The Rica Remender project, the main character of which is a fear agent hit Houston, traveling on space in search of any work that no one else takes to take. Artists are Tony Moore and Jerome, Opening, who, together with Rick Remeder, have created a story in the best traditions of science fiction 50s.

Heavy Liquid

Another cyberpunk in which Paul Pope tells the history of the Earth of the future and detective S, which suddenly becomes addicted to this very "heavy liquid". Opened after this opportunity significantly affect the life of both the detective and the whole world.


Warren Ellis and Collin Daran created a history of the Venture Space Shuttle, which first disappears, and then returns, but only with one member of the crew on board and a lot of secrets. Comic himself is devoted to the memory of astronauts who died in the catastrophe of the Shattla "Colombia" in 2003.

One of the most non-children’s comics, in which there is plenty of nude, sex, abnormative vocabulary and sharp topics created by Brian to. Vagan and Fiona Staipls. Excellent illustration of what comics can be quite a product for adults.

Sex Criminals

Perhaps one of the most unusual stories in comics that you can only submit. It seems to be the same travel time, with one "but" – to stop the time of the Susie librarian and the novice actor John can only when they experience sexual orgasm. Matt Frexchn and Chip Seasons were clearly brought to the world of comic novel into the world.

Strange Science Fantasy

Scott Morse makes an unusual format of comics, where in the framework of one book are collected several different stories on their topics. Such an approach will have to do not like all the fans of the genre, but true connoisseurs will be satisfied with such a really "strange" mixture of comics under a common cover.

The AirTight Garage (Le Garage Hermetique)

Time Machines 15 Best SCI FI Comics

The story of the famous Jean Zhiro (hebius), telling about the adventures of Major Grubert, who from his spacecraft is watching the Garage asteroid in the constellation of a lion, in which a separate universe has been concluded. A surreal project in which not everything can be explained – it remains only to take it.


Cyberpunk manga Masamune Siro, the main character of which is Major Motox Kusanagi – Cyborg Girl, Helping the Nine Department in the fight against cyberrorism in Japan of the middle of the XXI century. For fans of such the subject there is another comic of the same universe – Appleseed. And yes, the first "matrix" was largely inspired by the Ghost in the Shell.

The Incal

Comic Alehandro Hodorovsky and artist Moebius, telling about the adventures of a private detective John Difula. It is noteworthy that some elements of the history of the life of this hero at different times were used as plot lines for numerous films, in no way associated with a specific comic.


The Posetzberpank Universe, created by Warren Ellis and Daryk Robertson, the main character of which is a gonzo journalist Spider Jerusalem, who protrudes with the unambiguous fighter with corruption and the use of power is not intended. Antiutopia in which there are still hopes.

Valerian and Laureline

Pierre Christine and artist Jean-Claude Mesiere created by the writer Jean-Claude Mesiere. Traces of Valerian and LaureLine can be found in a variety of science fiction films, including "Star Wars" and "Fifth Element".

Naturally, a list of 15 positions cannot claim a comprehensive character and the criteria of which comic to consider the best, everyone has their own. Therefore, feel free to write in the comments of the name of graphic novels that you seem worthy of attention – the more people know about them, the better.

Time Machines 15 Best SCI FI Comics

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