Tires created for cold: Santa Claus partners

When looking at the bus, few people think about the fact that it has a very complex design, providing the driver safety in different road conditions. Modern tire – the result of the work of designers and engineers for decades.

The wheel invented about five thousand years ago, and the long century one of the most significant inventions of mankind dust on the roads of the globe. Most often it was a wooden wheel, to increase the service life, it was crossed with more rigid materials. It is clear that all irregularities were passed on passengers, and there was no expensive about such a parameter as a clutch coefficient and did not have to talk.

The genuine revolution happened only in the XIX century, when the Englishman Robert William Thomson offered a pneumatic tire. It was made of leather, and a tire of sails impregnated with rubber. Surprisingly, but the invention did not immediately get distribution: the price was high, and the design clearly required refinement.

In 1888, Scotlandz John Boyle Dunlop modernized the wheel of his bike, equipping it with a hoop, on top of which was mounted made from the Garden Hose Tire. It is curious that it initially tried to fill the tire with water, but then still preferred air.

Since then, scientists continue to improve the construction of tires and increase their consumer properties using new materials.

Significant contribution made by Pirelli, founded in 1872 by Italian Giovanni Pirelli. The company was engaged in the production of elastic rubber and already in 1894 released the first bike tires, and in 1901 – for cars.

Especially for winter

Especially extreme conditions of "work" at winter tires. Material must maintain elasticity in the most serious frost. Principal requirements: the ability to "cling" for slippery ice and move in loose snow. In winter, it is often thawing, from which the following requirement implies: extrusion of moisture from the contact spot and obstacle to the effect of aquaplamination. Wear resistance, especially important for summer tires, however, for winter, this issue is relevant – a set of tires usually use about five years.

The main division of winter tires is available or lack of spikes. Pros and disadvantages of studded and unsuccessful options have been announced for a long time. "Teeth" provide predictability of behavior in any conditions, but such tires are more noisy and less practical on dry asphalt. Inspected by possessing higher characteristics in a number of situations, still lose with "tolest" to breeders when driving on ice.

However, in the Pirelli line there are options perfectly suitable for any operating conditions.

Ice Zero – one works for two

Ice Zero series is designed for the harshest winter conditions: ice, deep snow, low temperatures. When designing the Ice Zero tire, Pirelli engineers used the richest half-century experience of participation in the winter rally. To improve the clutch on the ice, the laws of physics require an increase in the number of spikes. However, this negatively affects moving in other conditions: the noise level and rolling resistance increases, the characteristics are reduced on dry and wet coatings. Pirelli engineers have created a unique "double" spike Dual Stud, double-increasing contact with the road. The core is made of durable tungsten carbide and has a special two-chained form of Double Clow, which is combined into a coating with two solid protrusions. Of course, in this case, loads on the thorn increases, therefore the design of its vertices and bases compensate for twisting and longitudinally transverse efforts. Rotation practically does not occur.

Wider, compared to traditional options, the base ensures the reliability of the attachment.

In the remaining parameters of the ICE ZERO tire correspond to the best options for specialized winter products and provide confident movement in loose snow, ice pot, puddles and dry asphalt.

Ice Zero bus is represented in Russia in 79 sizes from 14 to 22 landing diameter.

Ice Zero FR – perfect for metropolis

Winter’s notched tires prefer residents of large cities that most often drive in cleared and processed roads, but periodically fall on ice and loose snow. Engineers have developed an Ice Zero FR tires with a new pattern of tread, modified frame and an improved rubber mixture. Directional Figure Increases Mechanical Clutch. In the protector, each detail is carefully thought out and performs its function. The blocks of the central part row the snow, the directional grooves output water from the spots of the contact and provide high-quality grip with a wet coating. Blocks of a wave-shaped tread next to the shoulder tire zones when braking Snow crushes, due to which the brake path is reduced.

Tires created for cold Partners Santa Claus

3D lamellas on the tread blocks also hold snow when braking, as well as raise stability with sharp maneuvers.

An increase in the contact stains also contributes to the use of softer and narrow shoulder zones that reduce rigidity in the vertical direction. At the same time, excellent characteristics of rolling resistance are preserved (between B and C on the European Tire Marking System).

Increased silica content in the rubber mixture provides efficient "work" of the tires in a wide range of temperatures from -50 ° C to +7 ° C.

Important parameter – noise level. In terms of acoustic comfort Ice Zero FR – one of the leaders of its category and is between the first and second classes on the European tire marking system.

Ice Zero FR is available on the market in the 30-dimensive diameter of 14 to 19 inches. In such an extensive ruler there are tires for most passenger cars and cars of the SUV class.

For premium and sports cars, Sottozerro series has been created. These tires are designed taking into account high speeds and loads. An innovative rubber mixture helps to increase the course stability and provides proper handling even on wet and icing road.

All Winter Pirelli Tires are tested at the landfill in Elvesbun. Every year in the north of Sweden cars on new tires are driven about 250 thousand. km in the most extreme conditions.

It is worth noting that with the excellent reliability and exceptional characteristics of the Pirelli bus remain available. This success is achieved by creating production in our country.

Pirelli tires – the most advantageous offer in relation to price / quality in the our market.

Tires created for cold Partners Santa Claus

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