Tissot: 20 years as a chronometricist World Hockey Championships

Tissot meets this date fully armed, providing its twentieth timemetry championship using the latest technologies. 2015 IIHF Hockey World Championship is held in the Czech Republic, in Prague and Ostrava. The tournament began on May 1, and the winner will become known on May 17.

Tissot cooperation with the World Hockey World Championships began in 1996. The world of hockey excellently corresponds to the spirit of the brand on the confusion and motivation and reminds of the Swiss origin of Tissot. The homeland of the brand hockey is one of the most popular sports (Switzerland, like Russia, has already provided a ticket to the playoffs). Like many other sports disciplines with which Tissot cooperates, hockey is a dynamic sport, which gives the audience an unforgettable clock of intense and exciting struggle with an unpredictable outcome.

Tissot 20 years as a chronometricist World Hockey Championships

Tissot is proud of long-term relationships with the world hockey. At the current championship, the our national team, the current world champion, will defend its title; On the other hand, the Canadian team this year looks invincible – let’s see who! By passion by passions, the 2015 IIHF Hockey World Cup definitely promises to become an outstanding event. In addition, this year, noting a round date, Tissot will reward the best players of the tournament not only by Tissot hours with commemorative engraving, but also a special gift – a puck with an appropriate inscription in a collection packaging.

In addition, Tissot company produces official championship hours – Tissot Quickster Ice Hockey Special Edition model, thanks to which any fan will be able to keep the memory of this bright sports event. These watches are devoted to the Brend Partnership with the International Hockey Association (IIHF) and with the world of sports as a whole, which is reflected in the chronometer design.

Tissot 20 years as a chronometricist World Hockey Championships

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