To the big explosion, time did not exist: an amazing model of the universe

Shortly before his death, Stephen Hokking in one interview compared the spatial-temporal changes associated with a large explosion, with the southern pole: "There is nothing south of the southern pole in the world – there was nothing to the big explosion".

However, other physicists argue that there is something more than the notorious big explosion. Some suggest that "on the other side" of this event there is a mirror universe, where time moves in the opposite direction. Others are expressed in favor of the hypothesis of the "restorative" universe. Using a slightly different approach, Tim A physics. Vostovski, Flavio Mercati and David Sloan came up with a new model.

The essence of the concept is as follows: at one time physicists found a lot of antiparticles – antineutrino, antiprotons, anti-deceased and so on. They wondered: what would happen if the universe was mostly from antimatter? How the world would look like, stars, planets, living beings?

If you simply change the material with antimatter in equations, then there will be no clear result (if only because these equations were created within the framework of our usual universe). Therefore, the concept of "mirror" world, where all particles will behave like mirror copies of themselves. Full inversion. In 1964, James Cronin and Val Fitch even received the Nobel Prize for the experiment, proving that in such conditions the laws of our universe will not work.

To the big explosion time did not exist an amazing model of the universe

How time will behave in this case – it is also incomprehensible. The new model does not refute the theory of relativity. Its base is the so-called "point of Janus", or Janus-Point. She was named after the Twilight Roman Deity. It’s hard to say that it represents (and whether there is a physical sense. However, physicists suggested that when rewinding the time, the universe will first merge into a two-dimensional "damn", and then turn on to the three-dimensional structure again – only mirror reflected.

Why is it important? With the development of applied use of physics and in particular quantum technologies, scientists need models that, for example, could significantly explain such a phenomenon as singularity. The point of Janus is also good because it can be understood from where in our universe is taken by antimatter and predict its further dynamics.

To the big explosion time did not exist an amazing model of the universe

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