Top 12 sought-after IT professions

Probably one of the most popular professions, a kind of character IT. A programmer engineer or just a programmer is a specialist responsible for developing computer algorithms and programs. Today, a good programmer you just can not become, without having good mathematical training. In this area, you can find various tasks that are approximately 70 percent consist of logic and mathematics. In addition, in the absolute majority of cases, the programmer must own several programming languages ​​and is good enough to know English.

The average salary of the programmer’s engineer today is determined by the technology with which it works, as well as its experience.

Specialist in testing software (eng. Tester)

From the name of the profession, everything is more or less understandable – the software testing specialist is responsible for testing the software that is carried out to identify errors in the operation of programs, as well as to correct the errors detected.

Manual testing passes using the simulation of various user scenarios with software. During automated testing, the launch of test cases occurs with the help of specially created scripts.

Specialist in the field of testing should have an idea of ​​programming bases, understand the principles of creating software, as well as OS administration, to know the test methodology and the basis of SQL, finally, should be able to work with databases.

Business analyst (eng. Business Analyst)

Today, the business analyst is called a specialist involved in analyzing a variety of business processes for the customer, in terms of the subsequent automation of these business processes. One of the most important tasks is to identify the problems of the customer and search for ways to successfully resolve. The business analyst should have an idea of ​​the basics of the development and testing of software, it also must own special tools for analyzing and formalizing requirements, in addition, it must be owned by foreign language.

Quality security specialist (eng. QA ENGINEER)

Another very popular modern IT profession. The quality assurance specialist is an employee whose activities are aimed at improving the actual software development, to determine errors and prevent defects in the functioning of the product. In practice, people are often mistaken, believing that the software tester and Qa-engineer are the same professions. In fact, the tester operates in the direction of testing for ready-made software, while the QA engineer is engaged in the formation of testing processes even at the stage of development itself, and these testing processes should result in improving quality level.

The main task of a specialist to ensure the proper quality level is to provide for absolutely all stages of the development process that affect the quality have been taken into account in the project plan and are properly implemented.

Expert on data (eng. Data Scientist)

Data Scientist – so called a specialty expert scientist according to the collection of multiple data and able to find logical laws in this data. It converts information to a more convenient format, solves the business task using the data obtained and mathematical modeling. To do this, he needs to have a skill to work with different programming languages, including SAS, Python and R, to work with statistics, with statistical tests and distributions, engage in the work of analytical methods: machine learning (Engl. Machine Learning), Deep learning (eng. Deep Learning) and Text Analytics.

Data Analyst (English. Data Analyst)

Also a very popular profession today – data analyst. This is a specialist who knows how to find regularities and relationships in large amounts of information to make forecasts and offer a variety of solutions. It applies special research programs, after which it comes to leadership results using information visualization methods. Based on this analysis, you can make a certain decision that affects one or another business efficiency.

SEO specialist

The work of the SEO specialist is sent to the internal and external optimization of the website under certain search queries. The main task is to attract the maximum number of people on a promoter Internet site so that he can take the leading position in the issuance of search engines.

SEO specialist should have an idea of ​​various online marketing channels, he also must have basic knowledge in the sphere of content marketing, to have an idea of ​​promoting social media, about the optimization of conversion and UX-design, understand the algorithms underlying the work of the search Internet resources and predict the development of these algorithms.

Technical Writer (Engl. TECHNICAL WRITER)

So the profession of a specialist engaged in the development, preparation, support and updating of various types of technical documentation.

Top 12 sought-after IT professions

The technical writer makes a decision on which documentation should be accompanied by a project, also the technical writer is a plan for an absolutely each document, it is engaged in creating documentation templates (such as graphic design and formatting), it works on the texts of the technical content, transfers the documents to the project manager, and also constitutes the indexation of documentation, gives documents to print, supports all the documentation in the current state when issuing new versions of the software product.

Web designer (eng. Web Designer)

One of the most popular and famous professions. Web designer is a specialist engaged in creating the appearance of sites and Internet applications. The specific task of such designers is to be able to maintain style design, taking into account the specifics of the network.

Web designer working on the appearance of the site, leads to the development of its prototype and the overall structure, is engaged in creating layouts that are necessary for the subsequent layout, working on graphic elements (such as banners, buttons and icons), over typography, and also thinks out navigation.

3D designer

This is a professional in the field of three-dimensional graphics, creating and setting up a variety of computer characters for gaming animation, which ensures the movement of hand-drawn objects and models. 3D designer must understand the process of performing photorealistic images, have an idea of ​​artistic styles, as well as possess proper skills in the spheres of high pollonal modeling, post-processing in common graphics editors (Maya and 3DMAX, Cinema 4D and Lightwave, Modo and Softimage XSI, Blender and others) , as well as speak in one language with technical staff.


UXUI-designer – a profession whose specialists are engaged in creating user interfaces. Modern UX-designers analyze custom scenarios, think over the transition logic from one page to another, as well as AB testing. The task of such a specialist is to create the most comfortable interface. The UI designer responds directly for drawing an interface based on the UX data obtained and creates an interface with a holistic, understandable and beautiful. UXUI designer is engaged in combining both of these roles.

Game designer

Game designer – a specialist engaged in developing the concept of the game, its rules and the creation of the content of the gameplay. The role of the game designer corresponds to the role of the rules of the task in ordinary programming. He must have an idea of ​​creating a concept of the game, be able to invent content and various new mechanics, as well as events, plus track the effectiveness of all this. Also, such a specialist must understand the mechanics of monetization, engaging in the game process and hold gamers. It is important to have a good experience in the specialized software (such as Unity 3D), have the skills of the gameplay balancing, have an idea of ​​the trends of the gaming industry.

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