Stroke Kone: Top 5 Skills that develops a game of chess

"The main growth factor in the popularity of Chess is an intellectual game, developing analytical abilities and strategic thinking," said Mark Glukhovsky (RSF). – Digital Century – High Intellectual Competition. Therefore, the demand for the development of logic and strategic thinking ".

What skills useful for a business person are developing chess?

  • Ability to maintain concentration

In the modern world, people are often difficult to concentrate on one task or the process of its solution. Chess Party requires concentration on the game. Incorrect moves may cost victory.

  • Courage in decision making

Chess, depending on the time control, can be a very dynamic game when time is one of the main resources. In chess it is necessary to decide quickly, otherwise you can lose.

  • Ability to keep calm
  • Top-5 horse running skills that develops a game of chess

Chess help learn to keep calm under pressure. To win, you need to be able to react to emotions. Panic in a chess game will be defeated.

  • Ability to accept defeat

As in any game, there are victories and defeat in chess. But loss in the game is always a reason for her analysis.

  • Ability to work in limited time

Chess game teaches to work in conditions of limited time. By the way, the concept of "zeietot" (lack of time) spread in everyday speech from chess. We all face Deadlands, public speeches, planning and prioritization. As in chess, in everyday life and business, you need to outline goals, to move to them systematically, given the changes in the situation.

C 2018 in Moscow, Friflex holds FINCH – a chess tournament among financial and IT companies. In the tournament at the FINCHER series on May 19, 14 teams of financial and IT corporations have played. Teams of VTB, Insales, MSA Skolkovo. This is what the benefits of chess participants FINCH.

Ilya Mordvin, Yandex, Team MSHA "Skolkovo": Manage time

"Chess require reflection and understanding, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Make thinking about how the counterparty will do, learn to manage time and abandon endless reflection in favor of specific solutions. For me, playing chess is primarily a great hobby and an opportunity for non-Maging ".

Ilya Varin, "Kaspersky Lab": make decisions in limited resources

"Chess can be viewed as a model of life, as well as a model for making decisions in business including. Almost every day we are faced with situations when you need to evaluate and analyze the position, take some short-term and long-term solutions. This can also add planning, making decisions in the conditions of limited resources and the amount of time. In general, all this, chess teach, with this we are faced in the game. So chess develop all the above skills and allow you to work on them. ".

Roman Alautdin, OS Aurora, "Open Mobile Platform": Do not give up

"In addition to the ability to think strategically, the game of chess teaches not to give up, sometimes smaller forces and in difficult position to achieve the ultimate goal.".

Top-5 horse running skills that develops a game of chess

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