Top 5 most crazy books in history

In 1818, the French natural spreader Rafinesk went to Kentucky to visit John James Odubon’s colleague. At some point, the presence of Rafinesca has become simply unbearable for Odubon, and he began to invent local animals to laugh at Rafinesk. However, the last joke did not understand, but accepted all the words of colleagues seriously, carefully describing the animals in their works.

Poissons, Ecrevisses et Crabs, Louis Renar (1719)

In the XVIII century, Europeans knew very little about Indonesian nature. Louis Renar also did not shine knowledge in this area, but it did not prevent the Dutch bookseller to create and sell a two-volume edition on this topic. If the first volume still looks realistic, then in the second fantasy author works in full force! Many of the fish described in the book have birds and even human traits.

Quran, written by the blood of Saddam Hussein (1999)

In his 60th birthday, Saddam Hussein instructed the Calligraphy Master Abbas Shakir Judy Al-Bagdadi Write Quran Blood of Hussein himself. According to various sources, from the dictator was reproached from 24 to 27 liters of blood, which were mixed with chemicals to obtain a sufficient amount of Ink for writing 336,000 words in 6000 verses.

After the battle for Baghdad, Koran Hussein was hidden, since religious representatives were afraid that the angry people can destroy the Holy Scripture. And yet, what to do next with the "bloody quran" no one knew. The thing is that on the one hand it is written in blood, that is, "man’s uncleanness", on the other – a copy of the Holy Scripture cannot be destroyed. Therefore, so far the "Bloody Quran" is hidden in three castles, the keys are from the special keeper, the police chief and the unknown person living in Baghdad.

Top 5 most crazy books in history

20 slices of American cheese from Ben Denzer (2018)

The only question that suggests when a person sees this book: "Test?". Alas, there is still no answer from the authors. Many journalists tried to independently uncover the secret of the cheese book, the suggestion that this is a metaphor to the fact that the bang can "swallow" the book and without realizing what the essence. However, we can only guess it or not.

"Favorite Country" (Pátria Amada), Vinysius Leoncio (2014)

In 2014, in Brazil, the lawyer Vinysius Leonsio created one of the world’s largest books. Result of 23 years old work, "Favorite Country", this is a kind of protest form. In this book, weighing 7.5 tons, the author took over all the difficulties of Brazilian tax legislation only for 2014! Leonsio was the first to assemble all the Brazilian tax codes in one volume (this book was relevant not long, since 35 new tax laws are added to Brazilian legislation). In total, the book is 41,000 pages, and its thickness is 2.10 meters. Leoncio spent 1 million realov (almost 14 million rubles) from their own money to print a book. On average, he spent five hours a day, studying and collecting laws. Three heart attacks, divorce and new marriage could not dissuade him from the idea of ​​creating this book, which emphasizes "Surreal experience with a tax system, published from under control".

Top 5 most crazy books in history

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