Top 5 most powerful jaws in the world of dogs

With the nature of one or another breed, everything is less clear: there are frankly aggressive and difficult managed, there are perfectly trained and balanced dogs. But with directly the ability to bite and do it most effectively not so everything is simple. There are several very important parameters. First, the strength of the bite. This value is measured in Newton: incorrectly measure the strength of the bite in the atmospheres, as it is a unit of pressure measurement, while Newton is a measure of force.

Secondly, the structure of the jaw ps. There are several types of bite: scissor-shaped (classic), glue, snack and others. It depends on the effectiveness of the capture during the attack and the distribution of effort throughout the surface of the bite. The third important parameter – the deduction time of the maximum strength of the bite.


The coolest in terms of physical training and the size of the sizes to this magnitude is rightfully considered to be Rottweilers. The strength of the bite of this breed is on average 1500 N – not the largest among dogs. For comparison, an average man’s strength of the bitter is approximately the same, but we are not able to keep at least a long force closed jaws, and the structure of the teeth we have so-so compared to rottweiler. And this dog is capable not only for a long time to hold the victim, but also a scissor bite in a coupe with instinctive sharp movements allowed in the literal sense to break the victim.


The most powerful and powerful breed of guard dogs was used as Rottweiler, to protect herds from larger predators (wolves, sacks and even bears). The weight of the bite is maximum among dogs – 1700 N, only a hundred Newtons is less than that of a white bear, but much stronger wolf bite. At the same time, the kangals are extremely loyal and even gentle to children (this potential killer is often called a nanny), have a calm temper and a sharp mind.

Bull terrier

Absolute killer – without proper dresser bull terrier turns into a greater problem. Let you do not embarrass the modest sizes and not the greatest strength of the bite – 1100 N. First, the peculiarity of this breed is that special exercises are the strength of the bite can be increased to 1500. And secondly, it is the most patient breed, able to keep the victim to three hours in a row! At the same time, the dog has an excellent nature, kinologists even speak about her cheerful temper, it is perfectly trained, and aggressive behavior is atypically for this breed.

Top 5 most powerful jaws in the world of dogs

American Bandog

According to the Decree of the Government of the our Federation of July 29, 2019, this breed is among the dozen of others applies to the number of potentially dangerous. Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs considered possessing genetically deterministic qualities of aggression and power and representing potential danger to people’s life and health. And if the strength of the bite of bandogs is average, about 1400 n, then in a compartment with a harsh character and massive physique is an excellent bodyguard, a beautiful fighter in the "pit" and. Babied killer.

Pit Bullherier

There was a time when this breed of dogs was very popular in North America, Pit Bull was even at the 26th President of America Theodore Roosevelt. However, the complex nature is associated with zooagressia, instinctive security and incredible power (untranslated pit bull develops 1450 N with bite) turned pitbules to a potentially dangerous dog. By the way, even Roosevelt had a confusion because of his beloved dog, when she knew the leg of the French ambassador. As a result – today there are a lot of restrictions for the owners of Pitbouli, and in some countries this breed is not allowed.

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Top 5 most powerful jaws in the world of dogs

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