Toy for smart: robot from augmented reality

Despite the fact that the GEIO management requires a Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone, the robot begins to work without it, cute welcoming the owner in the "Pet" mode. In the future, through the menu in the smartphone, you can activate the robot in combat mode (in the Android application it is called "Patrol"), but a little later.

Being a pet, the robot makes sounds, similar to whether in laughter, or on the laughter of hyena during the night hunt – something like that, I heard when I watched the transfer of animals on National Geographic. In addition, Geio begins to twist the "head", apparently, in search of the owner, and when she detects my face, it begins to turn the tower, following my movements and flapping the only eye, which is displayed on the monochrome screen. However, I didn’t want to do something – the instruction said that the robot would follow you and express emotions, but, alas, pets are not always obedient and can be capricious.

The robot itself is pretty heavy – along with the battery, it weighs 835 grams, which gives it sustainability while driving. On the casing of the robot there are several colored LED lamps: on the legs, back and head. When they burn purple – this means that the robot is in the "Pet" mode or "combat mode". They can also be red or blue depending on which command chose the owner.

On each of the four legs, the Electromotor is installed – this luxury cannot even boast even the electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace. The presence of a quadropryry allows it to move in any direction, unfold and move around uneven surfaces. By the way, it goes very quickly: with such speeds it will be closed in an urban apartment – from the wall to the wall in a room of 25 square meters. m He will reach seconds for five, no more. The tower with a four-rolled gun he twists, it seems, even faster – you can drive on the screen of a smartphone with your finger with a huge speed (as if we are erased by an eraser written word), and the tower will be exactly repeating these movements.

Incredible response speed are largely due to a quick link in the range of 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Hence the first restriction: Before purchase, specify the parameters of your smartphone – the robot is connected only through Wi-Fi and only on a 5-gigahertz frequency. However, now it is almost all phone models: Personally, I checked the performance on a rather elderly iPhone 8, advanced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Budget Honor 8X – on all robot worked without complaints, except for one spoons. Sometimes the application began to fly when connected, and it was impossible to return its performance with any reboots. Helped the full reinstall, and then everything worked like a clock. What is it fraught? I will tell at the very end.

I still do not understand who invented the abbreviation of the MFP for the printer-copanocha, read – a multifunctional device. So now where neither spit is completely and near such MFC, and the GEIO robot too – MFP.

The biggest bummer that most robot functions are intended for use. with another robot. For example, the main – "combat mode" – is suitable only for battles with other players who possess the same device. Because of this test them, of course, I could not. That is why it is pointless to activate Geio except in a pet mode, since in the Patrol mode he will simply not find the enemy.

From the screen of the smartphone, you can fully control the movements of the robot, and you can use the integrated gyroscope for turns. The display displays the level of health, the activation of the first person type mode, the charging level, as well as a separate button to activate various effects depending on the selected mode and so on. There are simple settings.

Toy for smart robot from augmented reality

Included with a robot go totems printed on white cardboard. They allow you to diversify the gameplay. For example, during the battle you can choose different weapons or replenish energy, arranging images in different corners of the room. Recognizes their robot with a camera with a resolution of 0.3 megapixel. It can also be used in the "Study" mode, when the robot examines the surrounding environment and even removes the photo and video in the memory of the smartphone. There is a race mode and for him there is also a totem – "Check-Point". In the races there is even an acceleration mode in which Geio flies like a crazy, for a while, and then five seconds "recharge" mode. Everything is as in the simulators, only in real life, but if your robot fall from the cliff, then the damage will also be real. It is necessary to be neat.

Still there is a "knight" mode when the robot uses his four-flooded gun as a sword, however, this mode is intended for two players, and therefore it was not possible to try it. "Treasure hunting" – also for two.

For the game one will fit the mode of augmented reality. For this, a rag card and stickers that need to be glued to the body in seven places are included with the robot. After that, all sorts of enemies begin to appear on the screen next to the robot and the map, and Geio begins to fight with them, passing one of six available levels after another. Joke in the fact that the card can be thrown in any corner of the house – it looks unusual and the children will probably like it.

I liked the programming mode most – a seeking educational component that will teach the child and adult programming skills. On the one hand, everything is simple. The action teams are spelled out to understand what and how the robot will make it extremely clear. On the other hand, it will be useful for a child to consolidate knowledge of English, because all the teams are written there in English. You can undergo a course of study that will tell about how programming mode works. For example, he did not need. And here it is just becoming annoying that on one of the phones the application had to reinstall – after all, everything that you updated can be chosen in the fly. However, applications have a property being updated and become better, so we hope this annoying sinning will soon correct.

Toy for smart robot from augmented reality

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