Ahead of time: Express Test Toyota Prius

Prius translated from Latin means "ahead of time" and, perhaps, it is not good. Today Toyota Prius is the most popular "hybrid" world, and first appeared in 1997, he became the first serial car with a hybrid power plant. The first generation was a sedan with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine operating along the Atkinson cycle, as well as an electric motor with a capacity of 33 kW. With an average fuel consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers "Prius" was distinguished by a very low content of carbon dioxide in exhaust gases – only 120 g / km. In 2003, Toyota introduced the second generation Prius, which turned into a hatchback. Hybrid power plant received compact, lungs and more capacious batteries. Efficiency has improved by 15% to 4.3 liters per 100 km, and carbon dioxide emissions decreased to 104 g / km.

The third generation of prius saw the light in 2009. The car added to a third in power compared to the first generation, the content of carbon dioxide in the exhaust decreased by a quarter, and efficiency improved by 23%. It is the third generation of a hybrid model that received massive popularity in the markets of the whole world, becoming not only the best-selling "hybrid", but also truly affordable wide circles of buyers. Ride on "Prius" became fashionable, it turned into an image car! On Toyota Prius, I was glad to travel such stars as Natalie Portman, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, Harisson Ford, Morgan Freimen, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Teron, Penelope Cruz, Leonardo di Caprio, even Arnold Schwarzenegger! And many other Hollywood celebrities.

And in front of us the fourth generation of Prius, which became the first model of Toyota on the basis of the new global architecture TNGA. The body of a new generation provides 60% greasy rigging and reduced mass by 50 kilograms due to the use of high-strength and highly high-strength alloys, as well as strengthening the lower zone of the roofs of roofs and places of connecting body structural elements. The hood and frame of the trunk doors are now made of aluminum. The center of gravity has become below 25 millimeters, landing the driver – by 55 mm. The upper point of the roof is shifted forward at 170 millimeters, which, in combination with the lowered shoulder line, adds silhouette silhouette. By the way, about silhouette. Never more prius looked so bright! Previously, it was a kind of typical ecocar, the design of which was sharpened to the maximum efficient aerodynamic indicators. But now everything has changed – "Prius" looks spectacular and even somehow unexpectedly smashing.

The Japanese call it YU-BI-SHIN, which means "Engineering Beauty". I do not know whether it is possible to name the new prius beautiful, but in the originality he will not refuse. The recognizable triangular silhouette of the model has now become lower and wide, and the headlights and lights are simply cosmic – the intricate interlacing of their forms want to consider and even carefully touch. In size "hybrid" is not very different from the third-generation model. At the same wheelbase of 2700 mm new car by 60 mm long (4540 mm) and 15 mm wider (1760 mm). Indicator aerodynamic efficiency could be improved to 0.24 (the predecessor was 0.25). The low hood line provides a low center of gravity and improved visibility. Another interesting interior. Most memorable central tunnel, the selector area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransmission and steering wheel spokes, white plastic decorated with sparkling effect. When all around are addicted black glossy plastic, it is at least original. And practical: on it is not as noticeable scratches and scrapes. Moreover, the Japanese promise that it practically does not give in to mechanical damage, and production technology patented by Toyota.

Seats more than comfortable, good fit, and due to the low window sill line visibility is simply gorgeous. At least, forward and sideways, but in the salon mirror image cuts through the half rear spoiler. With a more compact battery luggage compartment floor has become 11 centimeters lower than in the previous generation model, and the boot volume is 502 liters. The basis of the hybrid power plant – petrol engine of 1.8 liter capacity, developing 98 horsepower. New phase shifters and electronic throttle can reduce fuel consumption by up to three liters per 100 kilometers. Well, check. And yet Prius engine boasts the highest among all standard gasoline engine levels of thermodynamic efficiency – 40%. the main transmission unit and transmission are combined in a single body – like a thoroughbred sports car.

The transmission consists of two electric motor-generators and electromechanical stepless variator with planetary power divider. The main function of the first motor-generator Рconverting excess energy to electricity internal combustion engine, which unit is stored NiMH batteries. It is he who works starter when starting a car. The second Motor generator performs the role of a traction motor, and with the active mode of recovery of braking energy also works as a generator. "Prius" rushes from the place, moves at low speeds, reverse and in the mode of electric vehicle using it. The second motor generator issues the power of 53 kW and the torque of 163 N · m. The total power of the hybrid power plant reaches 122 horsepower, which provides overclocking time to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km / h. Block of high-voltage nickel-metal hydride batteries of 28 modules are placed under the rear seat.

Toyota Prius Express Test Time

The front suspension of the new prius received a changed corner of the installation of McPherson racks, and the rear now completely independently, on dual triangular levers. But this is all the theory, but what about practitioners? To ride on the new "prison", I took part in a special test drive, which Toyota organized customers to appreciate the car in urban conditions. The starting place was not accidentally chosen by the center of prototyping of a high complexity "MISIS" called "Kinetics", a tour of which was held by his director – the famous industrial designer Vladimir Pirogkov. By the way, take part in the Prius test drive and a fascinating excursion in the center of "Kinetics" will be August 26 and September 23 – it is enough just to fill out the questionnaire on the TOYOTA website. The number of places is limited, so in a hurry – in the center of the prototyping of high complexity, the NITE "MISIS" is what to see. "Kinetics" is a universal modern high-tech platform, allowing to generate, create, calculate and build in digital and analog formats any, even the most complex industrial projects.

It is worth noting that in Russia the new generation of Toyota Prius is represented in the only one, the maximum configuration, which includes a seven-wing touch screen of the multimedia system, two 4.2-inch high-resolution display and projection display on the windshield. The steering wheel is convenient, but to an uncommitable tiny transmission selector you need to get used to. The "hybrid" accelerates is not bad for its power and mass, it also slows down well adequately. You can turn on the BRAKE power plant mode, in which the "Prius" during braking is not jammed by a gasoline engine, and when the gas pedal is released, it slows down the engine. Stronger than you expect. But the battery is charged in front – the screen carefully demonstrates the driver that happens in the depths of the car when driving, and it is very interesting. Power Installation Modes Three: Power, Normal and Eco. However, there is still fully electrical EV mode, but it works only at low speed. The "hybrid" light steering wheel and the car listens to him with pleasure. Good and suspension – moderately soft, but without swing. But the main thing is that with economy? Riding in the center of Moscow on Saturday, I received an average consumption of about six liters per 100 kilometers in a fairly active ride mode, not irritating surrounding skuffing speed.

It is a pity that we have no benefits for owners of hybrid cars and concerned – it would somehow might sweeten the pill from the cost of the new "Prius". In the meantime, it remains to console yourself with the fact that spending the "hybrid", you can safely save on fuel. It is a pity that few people understand: We continue to buy larger and powerful Camry for this money. Perhaps before understanding and trying prius, we just didn’t grow?

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