Training machine for the future asa

Without training aircraft it is impossible to cook pilots. Once it was 2, today – Yak-130 and Czech L-39. However, the Yak-130 is an educational and combat aircraft, so it is complicated and roads like any combat technique. And L-39, designed in the late 1960s, today is infinitely obsolete. What is the future pilots of the fourth and fifth generation aircraft can learn how the middle of the last century technique? Modern educational or sports aircraft that is required not only to cadets, but also athletes and private pilots, must have three qualities: accessibility, safety and supermanity. Under the latter it is understood as the ability to maintain stability and controllability on the core angles of attacks with high overloads, which ensures the safety of maneuvering. Almost incompatible quality.

O Supermamenevnia

High maneuverability has long been an obligatory requirement for fighters. The development of all-arctic missiles "air-air" and radar plants not only has not reduced, but by contrast, increased the requirements for maneuverability. The highest degree – supermanity – in modern fighters is ensured by complex technical solutions. Unstable layout, adaptive wing, computer control – all this makes an airplane complex and expensive technical object. Engineers KB SAT managed to develop an aircraft with aerodynamics, which allows to achieve ultra-supersolve without the use of computer control systems and complex wing mechanization.

About the reverse sweat of the wing

To ensure high security, including at super-supersonality modes, SAT KB engineers decided to apply reverse sweep wing. His unique properties are known for a long time. In the event of an error of piloting or on maneuvering on the super-supersonality modes on the wing of the aircraft there is a breakdown. In the wing of direct sweeping, the breakdown of the flow begins with the ends of the wing most loaded in the aerodynamic plan. It is bad, because the ailerons are turned off from the job, which are located just at the ends, which leads to loss of transverse control. In addition, the breakdown of the stream arises on the consoles of the wing not at the same time, forming a blurring and unfolding moments that the pilot is nothing to parry, because the aileons, being in the zone of the flow of flow, are inoperable. There is a fallacy of the aircraft with intense rotational motion. It is a direct path to the corkscrew, and with a lack of height can lead to a catastrophe.

In the wing scheme with reverse sweep, the flux breaks in the root zone, the ailerons do not lose controllability, dangerous blurring and unfolding moments does not occur. It turns out that the wing of reverse sweatshirt is not afraid of work on supercritical corners of the attack. In addition, it has less aerodynamic resistance.

Training machine for the future asa

With this scheme, the breakdown of the flow begins in the root area, leaving effective aileons, which eliminates hazardous blurring and unfolding moments.

About divergence

But applying an inverse sweep wing interferes with one negative phenomenon – aerodynamic divergence. The aerodynamic forces are trying to twist the ends of the wing up to its destruction, and the higher the flight speed, the more stronger. You can deal with this in two ways: to increase the rigidity of the wing or reduce speed. The greater the angle of reverse sweep and the higher the flight speed, the more the rigidity of the wing should be. For example, on the American experimental aircraft Grumman X-29 (speed – 1.8 Mach, reverse sweep – 30 °) for this, spars were used from the titanium and the covering panel of 156 (!) Conglasty layers. A lot of bold aircraft projects with the use of a reverse sweep wing came to a dead end due to the divergence of the wing. Engineers KB SAT found the region of optimal use of reverse sweep wing on educational maneuvene aircraft. First, the dosward velocity (for the school supervision is not needed), secondly, moderate reverse sweatshirt is minus 10 °. As the calculations showed, such a combination of parameters allows you to use the best properties of the reverse sweep wing, and the required wing rigidity is provided without a significant increase in mass.

The phenomenon inherent in reverse sweep wings at which the incoming flows spin the ends of the wing down to its destruction.

Training machine for the future asa

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