Training Magazine Interface: Loading Knowledge directly to the Brain

Of course, now there is no download as such. HRL said that their discovery is that the brain stimulation with a weak current can modulate the training of complex skills fit in the real world ".

According to a study published in the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience magazine, HRL was observed for the Military and Civil Pill Brain Waves. From this observation, they identified signals corresponding to piloting skills, and created electrical stimulation, having experienced it on novice pilots. They were forced to check on the simulator of flights, and despite the lack of experience, according to HRL, lovers began to fly like real professionals.

Training Magazine Interface Loading Knowledge directly to the Brain

In the experiment, 32 experimental and 6 professional pilots participated in. During the work of the simulator, the work of the brain of pilots was studied. When the same simulator passed newcomers, their brains stimulated so as to repeat those patterns that were recorded in the brain of professionals when performing the task. Some gave "empty" signals to eliminate placebo effect. The most significant signals were in the range from 4 to 7 Hz, that is, in the so-called theta waves. Newcomers gave a wide variety of tasks, including landing of the aircraft. They showed excellent results when landing, but could not really cope with the course deviations when the autopilot simulator failed.

Of course, such news should be perceived with certain skepticism. The point here is that the areas of neurology necessary for the full use of such a technique are now still in its infancy, and also in the fact that the Frontiers of Human Neuroscience magazine is known in that sometimes there are already published articles, since the facts set out In the future, they do not undergo experimental confirmation (though, mainly it concerns psychological studies).

Training Magazine Interface Loading Knowledge directly to the Brain

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