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At the end of 2009, in one of the conference rooms of Los Angeles, the writer, producer, director and three scientists discussed the shooting of the film Tor, one of the first scenes of which is a grand battle on the distant planet of ice giants. The director told how he sees this scene, and the physicist theorist from the California Institute of Technology explained why it is not good anywhere. "They wanted to have fallen from the edge of a flat round planet," says Carrol – – but it’s just meaningless. Where does the strength of grave, which will endure down giants? Many people understand the nature of gravity now, the film is simply weakened. ".

Producer Kevin Faj took the side of physicists, and the planet of ice giants made usually spherical (but with huge gorges, so that it was where to fall). Film from this won. Carrolol in the past already advised the film crews of the film "Throne: Heritage" and the detective series "Bones". The spherical planet is not the only thing that appeared in Tore on the Council of the Scientist. According to the plot, Torah refers from the world of the earth gods. The director seemed to be proposed by the scenarios as a means of interplanetary travel "Mute Nora" too much in 1990s. Carrolo offered to use another scientific term for this astrophysical effect, and in the film Torips to Earth with the help of "Einstein-Rosen Bridge". What is this phenomenon, the audience clarifies Astrophysicik Jane Foster (Natalie Portman). Actress Pronounces Text prepared by Carrol.

The film business applied for advice to scientists from the moment of its origin. But when shooting science fiction films began to bring solid profit, it became a pressing need. If in the 1990s in the annual Tor-50 of the most cash films fell on average six fantastic tapes, then in the first decade of the 2000s such films were already about half. For new ideas, cinematographers are increasingly turning to specialists – chemists, physicists, biologists. "The deeper the film is associated with reality, the more he likes the audience," says Inferno Entertainment Vice President. Gugenheim. Scientists willingly go towards Hollywood, as they see the opportunity to better acquaint the public with scientific problems and raise the authority of their profession in her eyes. "About what is a modern science, people recognize from movies," says

Carrolo, – and I want this picture to correspond to reality ".

For the convenience of the information exchange between the Hollywood and the scientific community in 2008, a special "Exchange" was created – Science & Entertainment Exchange. For the first year of her work, scientists consulted Hollywood for 70 projects. By September 2011, co-projects have already numbered 350. Among them – the series "Edge" and "Theory of the Big Explosion", films "Green Lantern" and "Sea Fight".

"Scientists are endowed with this imagination, which did not dream of Hollywood, – says Jeffrey Silver, producer of films "Terminator: And the Savior will come" and "300 Spartans", – And if I have recently said that some things happen only in the movies, now I say that there are things that happen only in science ".

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The current film worker became aware and picky. "If the public sees a clear gap between the logic of the plot and those laws that act in the world," says Gugenheim, "she will not forgive you". The Internet will spread ridicule of viewers around the world, and this can affect the cash collecting.

Scientists are more concerned. They believe that overlays in the plot are damaged to the scientific literacy of the population. In the movie "The day after tomorrow" we see how a new ice age comes on Earth on earth. In fact, such an event should stretch at least for decades. When the movie "K-19" states that the nuclear reactor will explode here, it is not quite accurate. In fact, a damaged reactor with an accident of this type, which happened on the K-19, rather melted.

Scientists also want the image of their colleagues in movies more corresponded to reality. So far, according to real scientists, these characters are rarely plausible. James Cameron agrees with them: "Usually, science workers are depicted as fanatics, losers or just villains," he says. – V "Avatar" I wanted to reclaim the intellect and passion of this scientist ". So the image of a grace biologist appeared.

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