"Trunk-22" – a new anti-war series, which looks like a comedy

The current film is "tricks" – as the second occasion of bomber on the circle after unsuccessful first. In 1970, the novel was shielded by Mike Nichols, at that time one of the leading director of the new Hollywood was already, that’s just a long period of failures in his career began. Nicholsu was simply not lucky – the Black Comedy of Robert Ollman "Military Field Hospital" left earlier left him: he took a great, but sophisticated movie, and the viewer was waiting for something else. Almighty criticism of Polina Kale wrote that the film is harvested for a long time, but deceives expectations instead of going to quickly.

The story of the adventures in Italy of the 1944 US Air Force Pilot John Jossariana, who flew enough for demob, but because of the military bureaucracy, it was distinguished in an infinitely repeated nightmare of the war, was indeed so funny. If Oltman’s military surgeons on the Korean War operated on the autopilot, the nurses tweaked and poured the eyes of whiskey, then the hero of "tricks" at Nichols was brutally tired, I wanted only to survive and slowly started going crazy. Nichols has simplified the plot of the novel, putting the story in chronological order, and threw some characters from the action, but the funny moments alternated with him with frankly dark, and no one appreciated this game in contrast.

George Clooney and Grant Heslov, who already removed one military comedy in tandem – "Mad Special Forces" (2009). Immediately it is worth noting that they went in the footsteps of Nichols, alternating in the adaptation of "tricks" Black humor and black melancholy. Each, in addition, played in the series by the role: Clooney – Lieutenant Parades of Lieutenant Shayskopfa, and Heslov – a doctor of the wildlife hospital, who studied for a doctor to make money. In war, Dr. Deeney leans from his duties, because he does not understand where the business here and what is his benefit. He does not mind to put Jesarian in the hospital, but he himself runs away from there as a scratch, faced with the overseas of a patient telling endless stories and not silent for a second. It was the Deeney who explains Jossearian that he was trapped and can’t leave the theater of hostilities, affirming psychos, because the intention of escape from the war speaks of his normality and there is an appropriate point in the instructions.

Jossarian (Christopher Abbott) – exactly the same as in the novel, inclined to the thoughtfulness of the pilot, gradually beasting from the ambient absurdity. Once during a combat departure, he becomes a witness to the death of a comrade. "Kraft was skinny, innocuous small from Pennsylvania, but he was killed, and a bleeding head, charged into a monstrous pile of metal, he fell to the ground with the car that lost the wing. He fell in the Ferrara area on the seventh day of the week, when the Lord God rests. ". This scene in the series is removed as powerful that for a while completely embroils the comedy spirit. Combat departures, during which we, together with Yossearian hearing the sound of roaring engines, look at the ground through the Luke of the bombarder and are presented through the smoke of the shelling, they are resistant above all silence. Yossarian, who, before sending to the stock, it remains to make quite a few battle departures, wants to finally finish with all this. But when the Malachol Colonel Kakatart (Kyle Chandler), which are driven by dementia and courage, is once again increasing the rate of flights, Jesarian flows into the twilight state between anxiety and exaltation. "He decided or live forever, or die, and if you die, then only during attempt to survive. And the only combat task that he gave himself every time is to return to Earth alive ".


With such a set, the comedy is difficult to break, and this is the main difficulty with which the creators of the series followed by Mike. And most importantly – it is almost impossible to transfer the light ironic intonation of Hellor’s prose to the screen: "The best thing that was at Lieutenant Shaiskopf, is his wife; Jossarian could not resist once a week not to rush with all the passion in her arms. It was his revenge of Lieutenant Shaiskopfu for having a Kolevoinger pursued. The wife of Lieutenant Shaiskopfa, for his part, vestively pursued Lieutenant Shaiskopf for some kind of misconduct, whom she could not forget, but could not remember ". In the series, this passage comes down to a short dialogue: "You sleep with me because I like me, or because you hate my husband?"-" That and another!"

Nor comic to Clooney himself as Shayshopfa, Hugh Laurie in the role of the arrogant Major de Caverley or Chandler, with full return depicting the stupid enthusiasm of kektarta, there is no story, no yes and gets back on the melancholy-philosophical tone – as if any war was initially lost, and in losing both sides. This is talking about this to American pilots Italian Marchello (Dzhancarlo Janini), when they are on the first to good Italian maidens. "The greatness in the loss, you can find it, only losing. All the great empires were destroyed, and the strength of our Italy in its current weakness ". The show, diligently reproducing all the gigs and the jokes of the novel, undoubtedly, at the beginning will attract the viewer as an absurdist comedy. But the viewer will remain with him for the sake of piercing lyrical moments – scenes who chant life, like the one where the pilots bathes in the sea and the bright southern sun blinds their eyes, straightening the memory of meaningless life.


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