What insect is the most dangerous? (and other important questions)

If all the glaciers are melted, will the earth rotation change? Change. Recall that the axis of rotation of our planet is about 23.5 degrees deviate from the perpendicular to the plane of its orbit – this slope is the main reason for changing the seasons of the year. In addition, she slowly precesss, making a turn around the central point for about 25,700 years. Satellite observations show that in recent decades the tilt of the axis of rotation of the planet changes slightly, and the center of the precession is shifted to the southeast. It is associated with a large-scale melting of Greenland glaciers and the redistribution of the aquatic mass of sushi under the action of global warming.

What insect is the most dangerous (and other important questions)

Are there weight by the heat? Of course, there is, we can even calculate it. Flame languages ​​are hot gases, rising up by the force of Archimedes. They continue burning processes that lead to heat and light. Accordingly, the flame contains various intermediate products of fuel oxidation, as well as water, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, particles of pure carbon (they, Razing, give fire red-orange color), and also – the gases contained in the air. Many substances are present here in the form of charged ions and radicals – in a state of plasma, which, by the way, makes the fire with electrically conductive. Well, if the flames will put pressure on the support or stretch the suspension, then it will be possible to calculate its weight, but we will limit ourselves. Take the basis of the equation of the state of the ideal gas and simplifying, we will consider the flame of the same air, only hot. Air density at atmospheric pressure and room temperature (300 K) is 1.3 g / l; Wood burning temperature – about 900 ° C (approximately 1200 K). Therefore, the flame density is approximately 0.33 g / l, and the kilogram of fire will take volume 3 m 3 .

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