What is a bubble of the Alcuberre and whether it is possible to move faster light with it

Think that superlilateral travel is impossible and will always remain fantastic? In fact, physicists have a way to move faster light. True, how to implement it in practice until it is not clear

Science fiction suggested a lot of ideas for science, so that we have smartphones, tablets and even holograms from corn syrup today. But many fantastic technologies still remain only on the pages of novels. Among them and a warp engine for superlum. However, despite the fact that it was still failed to create such an installation, the theoretical basis for its work already has.

Since Einstein, for the first time, revealed the world a special theory of relativity in 1905, scientists acted as part of the restrictions imposed by the relativistic universe. One of these restrictions is the unavailability of the speed of light, from which it imposes the impossibility of superlilateral travel.

Despite the fact that the subsequent generations of scientists and engineers managed to overcome the sound barrier and earthly gravity, the speed of light remained unacceptable. But then, in 1994, the Mexican physicist named Miguel Alcubierre was offered a theoretical approach that would allow moving from one point of the universe to another faster of light.

What is a bubble of the Alcuberre and whether it is possible to move faster light with it

This method is to compress space-time before the moving object and its expansion behind. A spacecraft inside such a bubble could have theoretically move faster than light. In this case, the laws of the theory of relativity are violated, since the inner part of the bubble will be an inertial reference system. The ship inside the bubble will not move – it will carry it, like on the waves. Accordingly, a relativistic slowdown time and an increase in mass will not be applied to the ship itself and, because in its own inertial reference system it will be immobile.

It is worth noting that inside this bubble the speed of light will remain the same. But the object itself in such a bubble will be able to achieve a certain point of space faster than light moving outside this structure if they start from one point. But this method of movement has two big problems that physicists have not yet managed to decide – while humanity has no technology to create such a bubble and there is no concept how to get out of it upon completion of the trip.

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