What is a transformer laptop and why he need: test drive

Transformers are almost all manufacturers, but they rarely form the basis of the model range. Still, a laptop is one thing, and the tablet is another. Nowadays, when the rhythm of life increases with each day, users are increasingly refusing to stationary computers using laptops as the main working tool. The tablet serves a "fast" assistant on trips and travels, on business meetings, even just on the street (happens, you go, and someone crashed into a movie on the tablet) in you). Many manufacturers complement the tablets – both on iOS, and on Android – covers with a built-in keyboard, to bring this form factor to the laptop. Transformer is something average. Not so long ago was popular as a "netbook". Netbooks are sold now, but in general it has quickly fired and quickly lost popularity type – small "laptop" with weak indicators and a screen from 10 to 13 inches, intended for sirph over the network and for work.

Transformer "Rose" from a netbook, but differs from him for the better (and, by the way, it was he who became the main "grave" netbooks). The main difference is that it can change the location of the screen relative to the keyboard in very wide limits, turning into a laptop, then to the tablet. The second difference is that he has a touchscreen (definitely multitouch) that removes all the questions about the inconvenience of working on the touchpad. In general, all devices seek to universalize functions. Today, the smartphone knows how to do everything, for which they needed a computer, telephone, camera, audio player, TV and the Geiger meter. Transformer is approximately the same universalization in the world of laptops. A computer that is trying to be able to know everything and it turns out well. In principle, the smartphone and transformer can replace any other devices for two. Let’s look in more detail.

Remove from the box

What is a laptop transformer and why he need a test drive

Transformers are of different sizes, but Prestigio Visconte Ecliptica screen – 13.3 ", which is generally the best option. This is only an inch less than the minimum "desktop" laptop, but at the same time the computer remains full and does not roll in the form factor of the "Big Smartphone". Of course, you can make a larger transformer, but the device is more than it is harder, and the essence of the transformer is in operation on the go, in changing devices. You can put it on the table, and it is convenient – but is it for the hotel on a business trip. Work on a transformer as on a stationary computer at home is more than strange.

The box is huge – this is a famous trick of all manufacturers, pure psychology. Surprisingly, buyers will rather pay attention to a large box with an inscription 13.3 "than the small with the inscription 15". So do all brands from the first to the last. Inside – laptop and power adapter. Plus some paper – instruction, warranty, coupon for free use of "Microsite" cloud storage. And nothing else. You just turn on the laptop, and it works. By the way, to the honor of the Bayon store, where we took the gadget, the transformer was almost charged, 72%. The box was tightened into the film – it means that he just lay on a warehouse very shortly in stock, "Svezhak". Again, logic works: Apparently, they bring off. Computer light and very pleasant to the touch and appearance, apparently, I just love minimalistic design without unnecessary elements. Just smooth cover with the inscription Prestigio. Just smooth bottom with cooling outputs and four rubber legs. And, of course, not quite simple loops.

What is a laptop transformer and why he need a test drive

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