What is a mebius tape and who invented it

Make Mebius tape in a couple of minutes from the usual paper strip. To do this, you need to take stripes, deploy one of its edges by 180 degrees so that the lower part of the strip has become the top. Then you need to glue both edges. It turns out a closed figure, called Mebius ribbon.

Mebius ribbon has many different properties, but there is one that highlights this figure among others. Imagine that we got to such a tape and went on it in any direction. When we go through the full circle, we will be at the same point of the tape, but on the opposite side. If you move on and go through the second round, we will come to the original point. This property is called one-sidedness of the surface.

What is a mebius tape and who invented it

This figure was called the name of the German mathematics, who first described it in literature in 1858. However, judging by historical finds, mathematics were not the first to "thought" to such a tape. In Munich Gillotek, there is a Roman mosaic, which dates back to the III century of our era. It depicts God Eon inside the heavenly sphere, rolled in the form of a mebius tape. Therefore, although this figure is the name of the German mathematics, it is impossible to consider it the inventor of this structure.

At first glance, it seems that Mebius tape, like many mathematical structures, is useless in the real world. However, this figure firmly entered our life, although it is not easy to notice it. For example, in the form of a ribbon of the Mebius make conveyors. Their plus is that the entire band wear out evenly. Also in the form of this figure make coloring tapes in matrix printers, which makes it possible to increase their resource. The most famous embodiment of the Mebius tape in real life is a symbol of processing (recycling).

What is a mebius tape and who invented it

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