What is speedrupting: with ski parachute

Speedrauding – Skiing with wing above head – Very young sport. If the date of his recognition is to consider the first unofficial, but large-scale competitions, then this winter it was kicked for five years. Speedromuding was enveloped by an attractive halo of a prohibited sport, although in fact such a ban does not exist: the winged skiers is forbidden to show only on the prepared routes. And yet rescuers on most ski resorts look at Square Speedra. After all, this type of riding is considered so dangerous that his adepts even besjampers are called awesome.

Infinite landing

The wing with which speedraiders ride is called a spelhead. And despite the fact that it is constructively, it is a paraglider with a very small surface area (6 – 18 m 2), the nearest speed of the speedrading should be recognized as a parachute sport, namely one of its extreme varieties – Swoop, or piloting of high-speed domes. In the coop, the parachutist jumps out of the aircraft, builds an optimal landing trajectory and then passes the direct or curved track of 1.5 m above the ground, more precisely – above the water. High-speed piloting in the spheres is a moment that is preceded by an accurate calculation at the decline stage. The current world record in the range competitions (181 m, Nick Batch, USA) eloquently talks about how this moment is short.

What is a speedwork with skiing parachute

In the middle of the 1990s, the famous Hollywood Cascadera (and part-time Svuper) B Jaj Wort ("Tomorrow will never die", "a murder license") came to mind simple and at the same time a brilliant idea: the meaningful part of the swaupa can last much longer, if you fly at a given altitude not along even water stroit, but along the ski slope. By that time, technical progress made the aerodynamic quality of the parachute-wing in an exemplary compliance with the slochal route, so fly, almost touching the legs of the snow, it was possible from the top to the foot of the mountain.

In 1996, Worth organized competitions. The usual route for giant slalom was marked with a gateway 15 and a height of 4 m. Parachutists jumped off the plane and, approaching the starting gate, had to fly the entire track at a minimum height. Mad races of pilots hanging under the wing from side aside, like pendulum, at speeds more than 100 km / h, received a decent name Blade Running – "Running on the blade".

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