What is a tomato actually – vegetable, berry or fruit

Vegetable or fruit – this is the question. From a botanical point of view, tomatoes are berries – one of the types of fruit. But with a culinary and household point of view, they are counted for vegetables simply because they are not so sweet

No one knows why and when tomatoes began to be counted to vegetables, but it happened in the XIX century. In 1893, the question of, consider a tomato vegetable or fruit, even reached the US Supreme Court, which decided to consider the fruits of this plant with vegetable, as it is supplied in dishes on the first or second, and not for dessert. However, from the point of view of Botany, the US laws of that time were not quite right.

From a botanical point of view, the fruit is a ripe flower ovary containing seeds. Tomatoes, plums, zucchini and melon – all these edible fruits. Even the "helicopters", beaten by the wind from maples and dust dust dandelions on such a classification are also considered fruit. For some reason, people suddenly began to read tomatoes with vegetables, and not fruit – perhaps because the typical fruits of such plants are sweet, unlike tomatoes.

What is a tomato actually - vegetable, berry or fruit

Today, the term "fruit" is used to describe sweet fruits with plenty of pulp, and "vegetable" call edible parts of plants and other solid vegetable writing with the exception of fruits, croup, mushrooms, nuts and algae. In many cultures, vegetables are usually served as part of the main dish or side dish, and snacks or desserts are usually made from sweet fruits. To be more accurate, the tomato is at all the berry. Berry is one of the types of fruits, which is a fruit with a thick shell and core containing one or more seeds.

Thus, roots, tubers, stalks, floral kidneys, leaves and some fruits, including green beans, pumpkin and, of course, tomatoes are considered vegetables. There is no strict rule in the botanist, which would clearly define what fruit is to be fruit, and what – vegetable. Considering that tomatoes are usually not used in desserts and are often prepared together with other vegetables, such as eggplants and peppers, logically classify them as vegetables.

What is a tomato actually - vegetable, berry or fruit

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