What is "disorder-convergence" and why it is necessary to do

In general, the procedure for adjusting the angles of installation of the wheel of the car should be carried out after almost any intervention in the driving part of the car, upon reaching a certain run or, for example, after the wheel hit. At the same time, the collapse, convergence and caster are regulated. The collapse is the angle between the conditional vertical line and the plane of rotation of the wheel. It may be neutral, positive (when the tops of the wheels are rejected outside) or negative (when the upper points of the wheels are tilted to each other).

Alignment is the longitudinal position of the wheels in relation to each other. If the front points of the wheel when viewed from above addressed to each other, the convergence is positive, and if they, on the contrary, diverge – negative. Caster is the angle of the longitudinal tilt axis, which usually does not exceed only 1-4 degrees. It is necessary for the lateral forces to return the steering wheel in a neutral position. There are several signs for which you can understand that the car requires "disorder".

What is

First of all, you need to go to the car service if the car’s wheel began to stand unevenly, the car with a straightforward movement takes away or when braking, he seeks to go into a skid. In addition, one of the most obvious signs of the need to perform the "score-collapse" is uneven tire wear – for example, if the rubber is faster erased from the inner or external side. The reason for changing the corners of the installation of the wheel can also be the wear of the parts of the suspension – steering, tips, silent blocks.

By the way, depending on the type of car suspension, adjusting the angles of the installation can be performed, for example, only on the front or rear axle, or on both. "Gelendwagen" of the last generation, for example, with its dependent suspensions it is required to adjust only convergence. Best of all the procedure for adjusting the corners of the installation of wheels on professional equipment – specialized machines with a lift. But in the presence of certain knowledge, the "gathering cam" can be made independently.

What is

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