What is "Fabbing" and why it is dangerous for relationships and mental health

This behavior today, many notice or their friends. You are just a habit start to flip instagram tape while talking with other people. It annoys the interlocutors, but ways to get rid of bad habits still have

Fabbing is one of the forms of dismissive attitude towards someone who you are talking to. This behavior is to distract on social networks and simply using a smartphone during a conversation with another person. Just think about how often the conversation freezes due to the fact that your friends (or you) pulled the phone and plunged into the black hole Instagram.

This phenomenon may seem relatively harmless, albeit an annoying part of modern life, but studies show that it can damage your relationship. Several studies have shown that Fabbing makes personal conversations to face less significant. The article published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology shows that even people who thought about how they are phased during the opposition to the opposition, were more negatively configured to the interlocutor than those who did not think so.

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In another work, published in the Computers in Human Behavior journal in 2016, the authors found out that text messages during the conversation make it less satisfactory for interlocutors, compared with the situation of interaction without smartphones. In the 2012 study, it even turned out that a simple presence of a cell phone during a conversation – even if nobody used them – it was enough for people to feel less connected with each other.

If you notice Fabbing on an ongoing basis, and understand that it spoils your relationship with friends and loved ones, it is worth forming new habits. Psychologists recommend starting with a small and simply remove the phone away during food meals. In many respects, Fabbing is explained by insufficient focus of attention, therefore such practices as meditation and training attentiveness can also help cope with the Instagram tape constant scrolling or VKontakte.

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