What is "Havansky Syndrome" and why they suffer from only American diplomats

Symptoms of neurological disorders from American diplomats who wore the character of the epidemic, alerted the government of the United States and scientists. It is still not clear whether the "Havansky syndrome" consequences of the use of any weapon or is caused by natural factors

Since 2016, American diplomats in Cuba and China have a series of symptoms that the US government has been observed. The visible causes of these, it seems that, not deadly symptoms, as they did not seek, could not be found. Nevertheless, the same neurological disorders began to report diplomats and their families from different parts of the world. Since the US citizenship united, the assumption was logical about the intentional attack of Americans from the special services of other countries.

And version with weapons was justified, because diplomats and their families reported that they often heard high-frequency sounds in their homes. But later it turned out that it was just a cuttlefish of crickets who lived near the houses of civil servants. After careful searches, the specialists did not find anything and, it would seem, it would be time to turn this research work, but the symptoms of "Havansky Syndrome" began to become more serious and surrendered into chronic – diplomats have noticed a decrease in the amount of gray and white substance, as well as communication violations between sensory departments brain.

What is

As a result of three-year searches for the perpetrators of Havansky Syndrome, the researchers found that such health problems can cause microwave radiation. The ebola virus and the use of chemical weapons also put forward as possible versions, but the options quickly rejected due to the inconsistency of the alleged symptoms.

Nevertheless, the scientist still remains unclear whether "Havansky syndrome" was caused by the intended impact on microwave diplomats, or it was due to some natural reasons, such as stress and a specific climate of the country in which civil servants were.

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