What is "Nothing": the birth of the universe from the Great Void

What do we imagine when you hear the word "nothing"? Most will immediately think about a certain empty space in which there are no objects. In fact, from the point of view of physics, "nothing" hides in itself a lot of interesting details. PBS Space Time Channel prepared an interesting video in which a popular tongue opened the veil over the mysterious "nothing".

So, what is this strange phenomenon? The space in which there is not a single particle (in those places where they could be hypothetically) physicists are called "vacuum" or "vacuum condition". Thanks to quantum mechanics, scientists find out that the vacuum has some strange properties. One of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics is the principle of uncertainty Geisenberg. He has a rather complicated formal definition, but, in simple language, it can be expressed as: the more precisely one particle characteristic is measured, the less accurate can be measured.

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The principle of uncertainty, oddly enough, is faithful not only for particles, but also for energy, and even for time. Thus, the more you know about the energy of the particle, the less information about its position in time, and vice versa. Here is the most amazing thing here: if you know that at a certain point of space, there is no particle and cannot be (and such a space in this case is a vacuum), then following the logic of the geisenberg principle, this amount of energy is concentrated at this point, which can be enough to form the particle itself!

Paradox, is not true? Physicists call such particles "virtual", and mainly express them as quantum fluctuations. In other words, if you create a sufficient number of "nothing", the universe will automatically try to fill this emptiness, literally creating particles. From nothing. Moreover, some experts believe that with a high probability, the entire universe is one big virtual particle. This hypothesis is called "vacuum genesis" and is that the Universe was originally born from the great "nothing", which existed. Of course, practical ways to prove these scientists can not, but the food for the minds to our descendants is certainly secured.

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